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Doubling and Halving

The Year 3.2 students used the Cuisenaire rods to recognise that halving is the inverse of doubling. Submitted by Ms Miranda Cauchi, Class Teacher


​The year 3.2 students learned about doubling in a fun way!  They used paint to discover the doubles of numbers up to 10 and then beyond.  Coins helped them to discover the doubles of different amounts of money.  They also took part in other educational games and activities to become doubling champions! Submitted by Ms Sharon […]

Doubling & Halving Scavenger Hunt

The Yr 4.1 class of Ms Angelique Attard had a maths lesson with a difference. The children were divided into groups and participated in a scavenger hunt held in the playground. The children really enjoyed themselves using their tablets to scan the provided QR codes which had been distributed around the space and writing down […]