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Teach Inspire Protect… Erasmus+ Multiplier Event

23rd May marked a very important day for our school during which Erasmus+ TIP (Teach Inspire Protect Project) was shared with early childhood educators and the local community. The participation of both educators and parents was very encouraging. This multiplier event aimed to inform educators of how the emergent curriculum is being implemented at our […]

Young explorers

After reading the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar, children had the opportunity to go in the school garden to look for different insects. They enjoyed exploring and observing their surroundings using magnifying glasses. Submitted by Ms Louise Cutajar, Yr 1.2

Creating Patterns

The kindergarten students enjoyed an outdoor activities creating patterns, shapes and horizontal lines using pebbles and paint. Submitted by Ms Nag Bugeja and Ms Elaine, KGEs

Students Help Create a Garden Path

Students from different year groups helped to create a garden path from chopped fallen tree trunks which had fallen during the bad windstorm that hit the islands a few weeks ago. This work is all part of the Erasmus TIP (Teach Inspire Protect) project.

Planning the next Erasmus Multiplier Event

The Teach Inspire Protect (TIP) Erasmus+ Project is well underway. Early years teachers had curriculum time planned for further training held by Ms Tania Mangion, EO early years. A meeting was held to plan the multiplier event during which the project will be shared with educators and the wider community. Participants were taken into the […]

The Emergent Curriculum and Outdoor Spaces

Sharing of good practice of how the school outdoor space is being used to implement the emergent curriculum. Well done to Birdlife Malta and MEDE for organising a fruitful multiplier event and well done to all the staff at St Nicholas College, Mgarr Primary for embarking on this project. Special thanks to Ms Nagaat Bugeja […]

The Enviroment used an educator

Testing the emergent curriculum at Kindergarten level. Ms Nag offered her K1.4 students learning opportunities to explore, play and build their confidence outdoors in the school garden, while observing the children’s interests.

Erasmus+ Project… Teach, Inspire, Protect

Meeting held to discuss the Erasmus+ project aiming to use the environment as the third educator based on the emergent curriculum while striking a balance between child led and teacher led learning.

TIP – Teach, Inspire, Protect… An Erasmus+ Journey Begins…

The first transnational meeting of a new partnership in the project Teach, Inspire, Protect (TIP) kicked off with a tree planting event at Salina Nature Reserve. This is a 3 year partnership between Birdlife Malta, the Ministry of Education and Employment (MEDE), Learning Through Landscapes UK, Birdlife Spain, Innovative and Creative (INAK) Slovakia and our […]