A World of Flags

After receiving all the flags and information, students not only read and learned new information about the history and geography of each country, but they also discussed which flags are symmetrical.

An exhibition of the received flags and information was prepared by the students and class teacher so that other students from our school could also learn something new.This cross-curricular project was truly an educational experience which the students will never forget.

Submitted by Ms Miranda Cauchi

eTwinning – A World of Flags

The Year 3.2 class participated in an eTwinning project entitled  A World of Flags.

Between January and February students from 16 different schools from around Europe made their National Flag and wrote some information about it.  The flags and information were then sent to all partners.  Students loved receiving the flags and reading the information.

Between April and May  students from each school created a quiz (10-15 questions) about their country and uploaded it on the Twinspace.  Partner schools had to research and find the answers.

Submitted by Ms Miranda Cauchi, Yr 3.2

eTwinning Closure with San Lawrenz Gozo

The Year 6.2 students celebrated a year of eTwinning with their partners from San Lawrenz. The projects closure was done at Ġnejna Bay with a fantastic canoeing session and swimming. The students then returned to the school for a healthy lunch and ice-cream. It has been a very enriching learning experience for the year 6 students of both schools.

Special thanks to Ms Sharon D’Amico (teacher), Ms Doreen Abela (LSE), Ms Chanelle (Teacher) and Mr Saviour Tabone (Assistant Head).

eTwinning between San Lawrenz Primary and Mgarr Primary School

The Year 6.2 students had a fantastic etwinning experience in Gozo between 22nd and 23rd April.

The students met their etwinners from San Lawrenz Primary School during this cultural exchange.

The programme was jam packed with fun, culture, history and new friendships.

The students stayed in Manresa house. On arriving in Gozo they visited the Cittadella, Folklore museum, the Cathedral, silos and battery shelters.

They proceeded to the natural history museum and the Ċitadella Visitors’ Centre where they saw a captivating documentary about Gozitan History. After they visited the dry moat, narrow streets in Il Manderaggio, saw an exhibition of Good Friday Statues, Don Bosco Oratory and the cemetery of the Crusades. Finally they visited Lunzjata Valley and its chapel built on a cliff side. Before retreating for the day, they had supper at House Manresa. After supper the students went to Ta Marziena and enjoyed Munxar’s open gym, then proceeded towards Sannat passing through Ġnien is-Sultan before going back to the dormitories.

On the second day the students visited Ġgantija Temples, Ta’ Kola Windmill, Xerri’s Grotto (famous for its stalactites and stalagmites), Ta’ Karmni’s Museum and finally off to Dwejra where student enjoyed a wonderful boat ride, corals, cliffs and deep blue waters.

Special thanks goes to Ms Sharon D’Amico, Yr 6 teacher at Mgarr Primary, Ms Doreen Abela, LSE at Mgarr Pirmary and Mr Saviour Tabone, Assistant Head at San Lawrenz Primary for organising such a memorable, education, cultural and etwinning exchange 🙂

eTwinning Activity at Ta’ Ħaġrat Temples

The Year 6.2 students are participating in an eTwinning project with students from San Lawrenz, Gozo. An activity was carried out with Ms Laura Schembri, the digital literacy support teacher this morning, at Ta Ħaġrat Temples.
The students used their tablets and QR codes to find clues and information about these temples. It was great fun and the children participated eagerly.
The children had already done some research about the site prior to the activity and were well-prepared 🙂
Submitted by Ms Sharon D’Amico, class teacher

eTwinning – A European Partnership

With all the modern technologies, the sending of Christmas cards is something, which our kids do not do often. That is why I decided to enroll on an e-twinning project with 6 foreign schools where we had to create Christmas cards and send them to each other.

Kids were excited in creating these cards. They were much even excited when we started receiving these Christmas cards. The kids learnt a lot from this activity as we noticed several things such as different stamps, cost to send a card, addresses to be written, how long it took to arrive to destination and how letters arrive from one destination to another.

It was truly an experience which the kids will never forget!

Submitted by Ms Janice Vella Muscat, Yr 2.1 Class Teacher

A learning experience for Yr 2.1

The Yr 2.1 students of  Ms Stephanie Azzopardi have embarked on an eTwinning Protject. In the above photos the students shared their experience with their partners from Greece by showing them how they learn shapes with the help of techonology using a Beebot. In this joint partnership both partners are using Beebot in teaching and learning.

Students learn counting in 2s and 3s using interlocking cubes, numbers, bee-bot and colourful pins to create a pattern using the Concrete, Practical, Abstract Approach.

Bark rubbing fieldwork held in Buskett  during the School Marathon Walk.

Capacity – measuring large bottles, a tin and a jug.During this session students used vocabulary to label: full, empty, nearly full, nearly empty, half full and half empty in a very practical and hands-on manner.Clocks – matching activity, use chalk to create your own clock! Students enjoyed this outdoor session in the school yard using hula hoops and chalk to create their own clocks.

During a visit at the Inquisitor’s Place in Birgu, the students enjoyed a Story telling andcooking session during which they prepared the typical pastini tar-raħal.

Students enjoying Sports Day organised by the PE teachers and the Sports Promotion Unit.

Submitted by Ms Stephanie Azzopardi, Yr 2.1


The K1.3 students embarked on an eTwinning project. The students are working with partners from other countries in the EU. The first surprise reached the school by mail. A teddybear was sent, together with seeds. The students made a collage which is later to be sent to their partners.

Submitted by Ms Joanne Galea