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Fieldwork at Buskett

Learning outdoors is a very enriching experience for students. Not only do they learn about the environment, but they appreciate the importance of preserving nature, while learning literacy and numeracy. Submitted by Ms Janice Vella Muscat, Yr 2.1 Teacher

Learning Outdoors

The Year 1 students of Ms Marilyn Bugeja enjoyed an outdoor learning experience at Buskett Gardens. The students had a closer look at insects and trees using magnifying glasses and bark rubbing. The children had fun playing on trees while enhancing their gross motor skills and nurturing a love for nature.

Science Fieldwork at Selmun

Year 4 and year 5 students went to Ta’ Selmun to do a science fieldwork. They saw Ta’ Selmun tower and then they had plenty of time to complete their fieldwork on their tablets. After they ran around the race track. Finally they sat down under the shade of the trees to eat their lunch. […]

Fieldwork at Mdina

Year 5.2 students making memories during their fieldwork at Mdina. Special thanks to Ms Cora Calleja, complementary teacher, for saving the day in this emergency. This is what team work is all about 🙂

Valletta Fieldwork

An insightful Fieldwork in Valletta, where we saw at firsthand the heritage left to us by the knights. The Christmas decorations were a bonus! Submitted by Ms Sharon D’Amico, Yr 6.2 Class Teacher

Social Studies Fieldwork

As part of the Social Studies Curricula, the Year 3 students carried out a fieldwork in their school locality.  Students had to observed the environment surrounding the school.  Among other things, pupils discussed and noted the differences  and similarities between buildings,  compared the two main streets surrounding the school,  observed the different types of vehicles that passed from a […]

Mġarr Fieldwork

As part of their Social Studies learning programme as well as Continuous Assessment, the year 3.1 students took part in a fieldwork inside our school, around the school as well as in places of interest in Mġarr. The students enjoyed listening to sounds around them, noting different types of buildings, fields and rubble walls, comparing […]

Fieldwork at Mġarr

For their Social Studies Fieldwork both Year 4 classes went around Mġarr and observed different areas while answering questions on their fieldwork booklet. Both students and teachers enjoyed it to the full 😊 Submitted by Ms Mathea Vassallo, Yr 4.1 Teacher

Social Studies Fieldwork – Għadira Nature Reserve

Across the curricula we integrate key sustainable issues in teaching and learning.  Indeed, as part of the Social Studies syllabus students are given the opportunity to visit a nature reserve and carry out the given fieldwork. On the 28th of May, the Year 3 students visited the Għadira Nature Reserve.  There, they had the opportunity to see the […]

Buskett Fieldwork

The children had an activity related to science at Buskett Gardens.  They observed and discussed how we can protect the environment and did various activities like bark rubbing.  The students really enjoyed working as a team. Submitted by Ms Miranda Cauchi, Yr 3.1