Football Read/Write Programme

In our fifth fixture with the Mgarr squad, we read and scanned blurbs for specific information and learnt how to scan the pitch to check all options available to a player. 👀⚽️📚✍️ Keep up the great progress! Great work! 👍👏⭐️

Credits to Ms Maria Cremona and the National Literacy Agency

Bil-Qari u l-Kitba Niskorja…

Below are snapshots of a 10 week journey for students who had the opportunity to reading and writing through the game of football. The porgramme is coordinated by the National Literacy Agency in twinning with local Football nurseries, in this case, Mgarr United Football NurseryPractising reading skills with Walter Tull’s story and using some practical football techniques on the pitch! Now that was one great session with our learners from Mgarr.

Interesting characters do not only exist in stories and books. They exist in real life as well….these students from Mgarr are an example of this. Today’s session was all about personality…in a story as well as on the pitch! High five boys and girls!

The dull weather certainly didn’t dampen these kids’ spirits! Discovering newspapers and magazines, practising heading techniques…here’s what our Mgarr team did today in our sixth session together.

Our seventh session with the Mgarr team: reading the game off and on the pitch!

Discovering more stories and books with our Mgarr team!

Our journey together draws to an end…and what a ride it’s been with these young stars! Ten incredible weeks…reading, practising, writing and most importantly…HAVING FUN!

Football Read and Write Programme (FRWP)

A selected number of students from Year 5 have started participation in the FRWP programme. This programme is being provided by the national literacy agency and the Mgarr United football nursery for students who love football but who are reluctant readers. Students have guided reading sessions together with a football session.

Above the students can be seen during their first session. Ground rules were established and a few basic techniques were introduced in the dressing room and on the pitch.