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Gardening Sessions

Today was a wrap for the gardening sessions held by Ms Nicky over the past week. Three classes successfully completed their sessions and they are now officially recognised as our school gardeners. The students have been learning about all that is involved in taking care of a school garden. The students are also taking care […]


The second gardening session was held at our school by Ms Nicky. The students planted their seeds and helped in pruning the area. Children had the opportunity to learn what is needed for seed to grow in healthy plants. They will be taking care of their plants in the coming weeks, while measuring how fast […]

Outdoor Gardening

Following the installation of a water tank, large pots, an irrigation system and a shed, the students had their first go at outdoor gardening at school. Students were taught the basics required when sowing seeds and how to take care of them. A compost bin has also been installed to start preparing compost from organic […]

Dinja Waħda… Creating Environmental Awareness…

Today we mixed some compost with our garden soil to sow flowering plant seeds namely, Stephanotis, Mirabilis (Hummej) and Farfugium Japonicum (Galletti) among others. The kids had great fun digging, watering and getting their hands dirty.  Following  these sessions, one can only hope that a little green seed has been sown in each child’s heart […]

Growing potatoes in the school garden…

The kindergarten students of Ms Joanne Galea and Ms Josianne Camilleri joined forces to grow their own potatoes in the school garden. The students had to dig trenches to sew their potatoes and cover them back in soil. They are now watering the potatoes and look forward to gather their harvest in a few weeks’ […]

Little Gardeners…

The K2.3 students of Ms Joan enjoyed the outdoors in the school garden on a lovely spring day. The students visited the school garden to have a closer look at flowers and trees growing in the school garden. The students observed the texture of flowers and where asked to draw a replica of the flowers […]

Nurturing the School Garden

Green Club students, under the tutelage of Ms Rodgers, assistant head, came up with an interesting initiative held during Parents’ Day. The Green Club students sold smoothies and papaya seeds. Apart from promoting a healthy lifestyle, the students made use of the proceeds to purchase seeds and pots to nurture the school’ s front garden. […]


Our students have been busy working towards making our school environment a better place to be in. The scorching sun does not only have a direct impact on us human beings, but it also affects the environment we live in. Our school is surrounded with beautiful gardens, but if not taken care of all trees […]