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Clean-Up Campaign

Green Club students giving a helping hand to clean up the school garden from unwanted debris that unfortunately finds it way in the school garden… Well done kiddos for helping us keep the school clean 🙂


Green Club students worked full speed ahead to maintain the school garden prior to the Erasmus+ TIP (Teach Inspire Protect) multiplier event.


Our Green Club students giving a helping hand during a clean up within the school garden 🙂

Earth Day

More than 193 countries celebrate Earth Day on 21st April holding various events to demonstrate support for the protection of the environment. Last week, Ms Claire Agius was invited to join the Go Green Club of Mgarr Primary school in their manifestation. Below is a video edited by her kindself to help us raise awareness. […]

Say No to Plastic

The Green Club students are working hard towards promoting awareness about the harmful effects of plastic and single use plastics.

Green Club Members taking care of the school garden

The Green Club students caring for the school garden. Ms Rodgers, assistant head, is teaching students skills on how to prune tree. Unwanted debris is placed in compost bins, while other twigs and stones are being gathered to be used for outdoor learning experiences .

Green Club at work

Green Club students helping at school to create awareness about the importance of recycling. Others had a go a growing avocado plants.

Green Club at Work…

Green Club members planted medlars (naspli) in the school garden from seeds of the trees found at school. We hope to embellish the school garden with more trees, while learning about the importance of trees in providing the earth with fresh air.

Raising Awareness about the effects of Plastic

Ms Rodgers, assistant head in charge of Green Club, held a special session with the Green Club members to raise awareness about the effect that plastic is having on the world and on the oceans.

Creating Awareness about Waste Reduction

The Green Club, run by Ms Rodgers, Assistant head, are all hands on deck preparing to launch another campaign at school to promote waste reduction and separation of waste. Students paint used boxes which are given to every class to throw away paper in, thus encouraging waste separation and recycling.