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English Literacy

In our class, children are learning new letters and vocabulary in English. They often participate in games and activities which enhance their learning activities. In this activity children matched a picture card to the corresponding initial letter written on bottle caps. In another game the children played a memory game where they needed to match […]

Symbol Literacy at Mdina

The Kindergarten 2 students visited Mdina for a session of symbol literacy. The students walked around the Mdina ditch, followed by a lunch break. With their tummies full, the students entered the wall of the Silent City and were asked to find the door to the main entrance of the Cathedral Museum. Once inside the […]

Literacy Activity involving listening to instructions to make a toast and hot chocolate…

The students were also involved in watching a short video clip about the origin of chocolate and answering questions about it thus enhancing their listening and comprehension skills. Finally they proceeded to write instructions for making hot chocolate (in English) and toast (in Maltese) using the correct step-by-step way of doing so. While working on […]

Literacy Activity related to World Book Day

The K2.1 students of Ms Lucienne have been working for the past week around the theme of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The activities for this week have all be inspired by the classic fairy tale. The students followed the story on the interactive whiteboard. As a follow up activity students played a games where they […]

Literacy and Mathematics

Students were presented with the story The Doorbell Rang. Each group was given 2 paper plates and a packet of biscuits/sweets. The story began with 2 children taking 6 biscuits each. First, the students had to find the total amount of biscuits Mum had baked. Quickly students came up with the answer by using multiplication or doubling. They […]

Book Launch… L-Ingwanti Magiċi

The school hosted the launch of the book L-Ingwanti Magiċi. This book has been recently written by an emergent author, Ms Anabelle Warrington, who also happens to be the school’s support literacy teacher. The launch kicked off with a short play about the pleasure of reading directed by Ms Angelique Attard, Yr 4.1 teacher. Following […]

Learning letters and numbers through play

The K1.1 students of Ms Josianne Camilleri participated in various hands-on activities to learn about letter and numbers. These activities were prepared by the student teacher. In the first activity, students had to write the letter ‘d’ in a sensory tray. The media used included sand, flour and ground cinnamon. In a separate activity, students […]

Literacy Technology Day

The much awaited Literacy Technology day has been a great success. After months of preparation from all members of staff and the support teachers, the school doors opened to parents for them to get a taster of what teaching and learning is like at St Nicholas College, Mgarr Primary. The parents participated in hands-on workshops […]

Curriculum Development Session for Kindergarten Assistants

Every educational institution tries its best to provide the learners with the most effective learning programme. However for this to become a reality, professionals need to further develop their skills through on-going training. The Kindergarten Assistants, together with their Learning Support Assistants had a hands-on session regarding literacy strategies and the use of story bags. […]

Literacy at a very early stage…

On 17th February 2014 I had the opportunity to visit the Kinder 1.4 class of Ms Janice. Although at such a tender age, the children’s independence and eagerness to learn struck me immediately. Students revised recognition of letters done so far in Maltese namely a, b, ċ, d, e and f. The KGA then introduced […]