The Year 2.2 students of Ms Stephanie Azzopardi enjoyed a maths lesson outdoors about capacity. They estimated how many cups of water would be needed to fill in different sized containers and then actually counted the number of cups needed.


The Year 3.2 students enjoyed learning about fractions as they participated in various hands-on activities.

Students were given some cookie cutters and play dough and they had to find a way to half them.

Afterwards, they were given paper shapes and they had to fold each shape into two equal parts and name one half of the shape as well.

At this stage, some of the students realized how they could quarter a shape/object.  During another lesson they were also given a rough paper and had to find a way to divide it into four equal pieces, name and colour one quarter.

They also took part in activities on the interactive whiteboard.  Finally, students created their own pizza.  They used different toppings for each part.  E.g. 1/2  mushrooms, 1/4 green peppers and 1/4 eggs.

Cuisenaire rods were given to the children and they had to build their own fraction wall.   In so doing, they recognised that two quarters are equivalent to one half.  This also served as a revision for the topics doubling and halving.

Submitted by Ms Miranda Cauchi, Yr 3.2 Teacher

Money, money, money…

Students were engaged in various hands-on activities using real coins from their Math Toolbox.

In so doing, they were able to recognise the value of coins, use the fewest coins in real life situations, add totals up to 1 euro and give the correct change.

Furthermore, students were able to plan an activity within a given budget.

Submitted by Ms Miranda Cauchi, Yr 3.2 Teacher

In-Numri Kardinali

It-tfal tat-tieni sena ħarġu fil-bitħa tal-iskola biex jitgħallmu n-numri kardinali u fl-istess ħin użaw riżorsi naturali u gawdew dak li toffri n-natura.

In-numri kardinali… matematika, Malti u n-natura… M’hemmx isbaħ milli wieħed jitgħallem barra mill-klassi u bl-użu ta’ riżorsi naturali…

Xogħol ta’ Stephanie Azzopardi, għalliema