Tag: numeracy

Visit at the Grocer

K1.3 pupils of Ms Nagaat Bugeja were taken to the greengrocer shop next to the school to practice numeracy skills.  They followed a simple and short shopping list to make a purchase whilst practising number recognition and value. Pupils enjoyed making fruit kebabs with the purchased fruit. Submitted by Ms Borg Vella, Assistant Head

Learning letters and numbers through play

The K1.1 students of Ms Josianne Camilleri participated in various hands-on activities to learn about letter and numbers. These activities were prepared by the student teacher. In the first activity, students had to write the letter ‘d’ in a sensory tray. The media used included sand, flour and ground cinnamon. In a separate activity, students […]

Subtracting 10

Whilst learning about how to subtract 10 from a two digit number, the year 3.2 students played a game in groups. Each group created a two digit number by throwing a dice twice each time. Then, they subtracted 10 from the number created and wrote down the answer.  The students were especially happy since they […]