Healthy Pizza Wrap

This week the children prepared a healthy snack using wraps. Students got a variety of ingredients. They discussed the importance of avoiding the consumption of processed food on a daily basis and discussed alternative ways for making a pizza topping healthier. Children were asked to follow the instructions carefully. After preparing the ingredients, they placed them on their wrap and then, these were put in the oven for a few minutes.  Later, they enjoyed eating their pizza wrap.

Submitted by Ms Marilyn Bugeja, Yr 1.1 Class Teacher

Pizza by our young chefs…

 The Kinder 1 students of Ms Nag and Ms Joanne enjoyed a cookery lesson in the school’s new kitchen. Students rolled out the dough and smeared tomato paste on the surface of the dough. They then added some sausages, olives and mozzarella. The pizzas turned out to be delicious. 

Apart from enhancing their fine motor skills, children learned about shapes and had time to socialise in a very entertaining way.

Pizza in the making…


The K1.1 student of Ms Joanne and the K1.2 students of Ms Josianne prepared a delicious pizza. During such cookery lessons children learn about colours, textures and flavours, while at the same time enhancing their find motor skills… And who knows… maybe we have some future chefs among these little kids 🙂pizza002

Cooking and Writing combined…


Last Wednesday the year 5.2 students of Ms Miranda and Ms Doreen, started the day by making their own special pizza. As one can see from the photos, students were creative enough their make faces with their pizza toppings. Children practice fractions when they cut their pizza into equal parts. Together, as a team, they cleaned the kitchen and afterwards they wrote up the recipe of their pizza.cook02

Little chefs at work…


The Kinder 2 student of Ms Janice and Ms Maria, together with their LSA, Ms Marika, prepared a delicious pizza. While some students were cooking the others were cutting out coloured paper and made a pizza collage. All students had time to do their cooking and their own collage.


Such activities provide students with an opportunity to enhance their fine motor skills and to instil a love for cooking.