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Full Speed Ahead before Closing the Scholastic Year…

Although the scholastic year is coming to an end, the Year 2 students of Ms Stephanie Azzopardi are still working full speed ahead to get the best of their journey. Above students can be see working together learning pronouns during Maltese, and building words using plastic alphabet letters.
During one of the school outings the students watched a play about believing in oneself. Following the play, the students made some craft related to the activity.Following a Social Studies lessons about typical Maltese food, the students prepared a Maltese Ftira with ‘kunserva’ (a tomato paste) and olives.

Above the students are working together by creating addition sums using number beads. They also explored what happens to numbers when using 10 more and 10 less or 1 more and 1 less.

Learning through play…

The teachers at Mgarr Primary strive hard to help their students learn through play and by making use of hands-on sessions. Even technology features in their daily lessons.

Year 2.2

The photos above show the students during an English lesson during which students were learning the use of ‘a’ or ‘an’. We can see the students having  fun during maths lessons learning counting in twos with the help of interlocking blocks. Finally we can see our students using their “technological friend” Bee-Bot who helped them to learn the names of various colours.

Well done to Ms Stephanie for the hard work done 😉

Learning through play

Learning through play is an essential part of the educational programme for children at kindergarten level. Kindergarten asistants provide different opportunities for children to enhance their fine motor skills, while socialising with their peers.

Below is a short photostory capturing some of the above mentioned moments of the children in kinder 1.3 of Ms Joanne Galea while learning through play.