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Farewell to the School Council Members

The school would like to thank the School Council members for their hard work and dedication. The School Council members perform a lot of work behind the scenes. The school stands as it is today due to the commitment and collaboration between members of staff and parents.

School Council Elections

School Council Elections were held on 23rd January 2015 across Malta and Gozo. This year the school had a very encouraging participation both for nominations and for votes. Six members of staff, and seven parents contested the elections. Moreover, 163 votes, out of the 210 issued (one per family) were returned to the school giving […]

Student Council Elections 2013

Our school has just elected its new student council. Members elected on the student council will be representing their school mates and will bring forward any suggestions and ideas needed to improve our school. The PSD teachers have taken this exercise very seriously. First students had a session during which the role of the student […]