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Walking Water & Mixing Colours

We started the experiment by filling up 4 clear cups with coloured food colour (Red, yellow, blue and another one with red) and put them about 4 inches apart. Then we put another 3 clear empty cups in between. We grabbed 6 strips of paper towels and placed one end of the each paper towel […]

Learning Outdoors…

During a science lesson students observed different types of cloud  and also made an experiment of a cloud in a jar. The students also had a number of Maths related activities outside in the school yard. Submitted by Ms Stephanie Azzopardi, Yr 2.2  

Esplora Outing

The Year 1, 2 and 3 classes went  to Esplora Interactive Science Centre to discover the science behind certain Christmas wonders.  Among other things, students learned how reindeers, like balloons, can fly up into the sky, how some things may seem invisible to us etc…  Afterwards, students were given the opportunity to explore some of the […]

Five Senses

Five senses stations were set up in class.  Children had to guess what the objects were by using their senses.  They used their sense of touch by touching the different objects, one at a time, found in a plastic tray.  Their eyes were covered again, with a piece of cloth, and students had to guess what […]

Science Investigation: Will it float or sink?

To begin the lesson the teacher asked:  What is science?  What do scientists do?  A discussion ensued and then a video was shown to the pupils. To learn more about the scientific process they took part in an investigation.  The teacher showed the students two eggs and posed the following questions:  Will the eggs float or sink?  Why do […]

Does it float or sink???

The year 3.1 students were learning about scientists and what they do.  They learned about the Scientific process and took part in an investigation.  We posed a question and designed an experiment to find out the answer.  The question posed was: How can we tell if an egg we need to cook is fresh or […]

Science Investigations

Whilst learning about the five senses, the year 3.1 students took part in different investigations.  The students paid attention to different sounds and observed pictures to talk about them, thus using their sense of hearing as well as that of sight. They used their sense of touch to determine what different objects, placed one at a […]

Esplora… Rocketing into space

The students from Year 4.1 went on an outing at Esplora to learn more about Space and its Planets. The children had the opportunity to experience the outer space with interactive shuttles and interactive animated floor. Submitted by Ms Angelique Attard, Yr 4.1

Science Lesson – Waterproof or not waterproof?

Students had to predict if the following things are waterproof: tissue, plastic bag, kitchen roll, cardboard, fabric and newspaper.  Students checked their prediction by doing the experiment.  Finally, they played an interactive game about other materials that may be waterproof. Submitted by Ms Miranda Cauchi, Yr 3.1

Science Lesson -Magentic Materials

Students had to guess which of the following objects are magnetic:  key, 2c coin, aluminium foil, scissors, plastic spoon and a nail.  A video abut magnetism was shown.  The class teacher asked the children if they wished to change their previous answer/s and give reasons for the change/s.  Afterwards, we used magnets to check which […]