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Save the Planet from Plastic…

 The school would like to thank Ms Clare Agius for coming over to school to support us with a short video clip filmed and edited by her kind self, while acting as an ambassador to help us save the planet from plastic. Thanks to Ms Miranda Cauchi, Yr 3.1 teacher, for preparing this special […]

Special Assembly – Pets

The Year 2 students prepared a special assembly about pets under the direction of Ms Stephanie Azzopardi. An important message was sent to students about how to take care of pets and that pets are not just a Christmas present to be forgotten after a few weeks or months. Pets deserve a lot of love […]

Raising Awareness about Harm caused by Plastic…

The Yr 3.2 students of Ms Miranda Cauchi, prepared a special assembly raising awareness about the harmful effects of plastic which is slowly killing the planet, the oceans and the forests. Unfortunately plastic is not degradable and by time forms very small pellets which are eaten by fish. Let us work together to use less […]

Special Assembly promoting Self-Esteem

The Year 6.2 students of Ms Sharon D’Amico, prepared a special assembly about self-esteem. Students build their self-esteem by believing in themselves and by helping out one another.

Special Assembly – Friendship

As the first special assembly for this scholastic year kicks in, Year 6.1 student talked about friendship and that no matter what race, nationality or religion is followed we are all friends. Special thanks to Mr Matthew Cassar, class teacher for preparing his students.

Special Assembly

During their special assembly the Year 4.1 of Ms Angelique, danced to the song Fight Song. The meaning of the song is that we should believe in ourselves and never give up. When we overcome problems in life we end up even stronger than before.

Valentine’s Day Special Assembly

The Yr 3.1 students prepared a special assembly for Valentine’s day with the aim of sharing love among one another. The students animated the assembly with a dance and with messages of love.

Celebrating World Children’s Day

20th November is dedicated to World Children’s Day. To commemorate this day, the students of Ms Melanie Sultana, in year 5.1, prepared a special assembly. The students shared a message about children’s rights and also shared different realities that children around the world face on a daily basis. The students of the school council shared […]

Special Assembly

The Yr 5.2 students prepared a special assembly. The script was written by Ms Victoria in the form of a poem sending a message to raise awareness about the all the food and items we waste on a daily basis. After the poem the students sang a song about Earth.

Special Assembly

The Yr 6.2 students prepared the first special assembly for this scholastic year. Since the assembly happened to fall close the Halloween, the students explained the origins of Halloween. They also mentioned traditions practiced in various countries. Finally they got the whole school dancing to the song ghost buster.