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St Nicholas Day

The Year 3 students participated in a college based event on the Feast of St. Nicholas. Students were given tokens and warm drink after celebration of mass which was celebrated by the Bishop ex merito Mons. Paul Cremona.

Celebration of St Nicholas Day

The school hosted the college based event celebrating the Feast of St Nicholas. Students from all the schools within the college walked towards the Mgarr Parish Church were mass was celebrated The students then visited a live crib in the outskirts of Mgarr. The students returned to the our school where they enjoyed some carol […]

St Nicholas Day

The Year 2.1 students of Ms Beverly Muscat prepared a special assembly to commemorate the college Patron Saint, St Nicholas. St Nicholas is renowned for his generosity and for the work he did with the poor.  

St. Nicholas Day

The college celebrated the feast of St Nicholas on 4th December, this being the patron saint of the college. Every primary school sent year 3 students to this event which was hosted at our school. The middle and senior school also sent student representatives to celebrate this special day. Mass was celebrated at the Mgarr […]

St Nicholas Day 2014

St Nicholas is the patron saint protector of our College. The feast of St Nicholas falls on 6th December. Since this year the 6th happened to be a Saturday, the college organised a special event for students from the various schools of our college on 5th December 2014. The celebrations began with a the celebration […]

St Nicholas Day 2013

Friday 6th December was a special day for our college since this happens to be the date when we celebrate the feast of St Nicholas who is the patron saint of our college. The college principal called the schools to celebrate this special day together at Mgarr Parish Church. Student representatives from all the schools […]