Keeping fit

The students of Year 4.1 are keeping themselves active during this time! Stay Safe, Stay Home! And Exercise ❤️  Download link 

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MFA Women’s Football Newsletter

📍Together #WePlayStrong @ Schools. Here you can find the first ever MFA Women’s Football newsletter.

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Easter Crafts by Year 2.1

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Dogs Theme

The Dog theme project emerged in Class K 2.3 It came out through pretend play – kids role played that they are a family of dogs (daddy dog, mummy dog and puppies). The children became more curious and interested about dogs when provided with books, songs and rhymes and also with the collaboration of their […]

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The topic about trains all started when children used to put chairs after each other and pretend that they are on a train ride during their free play. I enhanced their interest about trains as we started to read stories while everyone was on board the train. The children enjoyed it and so we decided […]

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Dog and Chicken

This project emerged, as I provided the children with 2 empty boxes and I asked them what can we do with them. The children came out with the idea of making a kennel for the dogs at the bottom and on top we can do the chicken coop for the chickens. I asked parents to […]

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