Marathon Walk 2019

This yearly appointment is an event I looked forward to! Seeing all students and members of staff doing their utmost to keep up with a 15km walk is no joke 🙂 However enjoying breath taking views makes this walk worthwhile! Making memories for students at one of the “windows” found on the Maltese Islands adds to the fun.The marathon walk offers an opportunity for all to relax and have fun while learning through activities prepared by teachers.

Selfie moments with members of staff and exploring the whereabouts of Ġebel Ċiantar are moments that I will cherish forever.

Students enjoying themselves, even though some were exhausted.

Some places of interest included the Dingli Radar, Maddalena Chapel and Buskett Gardens. Along the way I had to carry a number  bags to allow students to get a rest 🙂

Students also got a closer glimpse of Filfa and Fawwara Chapel. Thanks to all for making this another successful event. Special thanks to all those who donated money. A record of €1400 was collected to purchase resources for our students!!!

Sumbitted by Ms Ferrante, Head of School


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