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Show and Tell…

When introducing the topic “Animals”, the year 1.2 children were given some time to look for some information about their favourite animal. Then, they were asked to present their work to the other children. Such activities lend themselves perfectly to enhance oracy skills and the students’ self-esteem. They were very creative and came up with some interesting […]

Helping our students become creative and literate…

The year 1.1 students of Ms Louise Cutajar have been experimenting with paint. During an art and craft lesson, they used different colours of paint to create various patterns. On another occassion the students were asked to bring their favourite toy to school for a show and tell session. During such sessions students are encouraged […]

Show and Tell Sessions

Another activity year 1.1 students of Ms Marilyn like to do in their classroom is to have Show and Tell sessions. Children are given some time to talk about a particular subject or item. One of our Show and Tell sessions was about the children’s favourite animal. Children were given some time to look for some information about […]