Bee-Bot learns the Life Cycle of a Frog

The year 6 students had their first session with Bee-Bot. During this session the students used the interactive whiteboard to learn about the life cycle of a frog. The students had the opportunity to use the pen to navigate through the various stages of  forg’s life cycle. The session was carried out in Maltese and was set at Wied Qlejgħa (known as Chadwick Lakes).

The students learnt about other frogs that live in the Amazon Rainforests namely:

  1. The tree frog – a very poisonous frog which lays eggs in trees.
  2. The marsupial frog – which carries the eggs in its pouch like a kangaroo
  3. The gastronomic frog – which swallows the eggs and regurgitates them when they turn into frogs.

During the second part of the lesson the students used the Bee-Bot to reconstruct the life cycle of the frog. Students had to think of ways to make the Bee-Bot reach the next stage of the life cycle of the frog.

Submitted by Ms Ferrante (eLearning Teacher)

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