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eTwinning between San Lawrenz Primary and Mgarr Primary School

The Year 6.2 students had a fantastic etwinning experience in Gozo between 22nd and 23rd April.

The students met their etwinners from San Lawrenz Primary School during this cultural exchange.

The programme was jam packed with fun, culture, history and new friendships.

The students stayed in Manresa house. On arrive in Gozo they visited the Cittadella, Folklore museum, the Cathedral, silos and battery shelters.

They proceeded to the natural history museum and the Ċitadella Visitors’ Centre where they saw a captivating documentary about Gozitan History. Afer they visited the dry moat, narrow streets in Il Manderaggio, saw an exhibition of Good Friday Statues, Don Bosco Oratory and the cemetery of the Crusades. Finally they visited Lunzjata Valley and its chapel built on a cliff side. Before retreating for the day, they had supper at House Manresa. After supper the students went to Ta Marziena and enjoyed Munxar’s open gym, then proceeded towards Sannat passing through Ġnien is-Sultan before going back to the dormitories.

On the second day the students visited Ġgantija Temples, Ta’ Kola Windmill, Xerri’s Grotto (famous for its stalactites and stalagmites), Ta’ Karmni’s Museum and finally off to Dwejra where student enjoyed a wonderful boat ride, corals, cliffs and deep blue waters.

Special thanks goes to Ms Sharon D’Amico, Yr 6 teacher at Mgarr Primary, Ms Doreen Abela, LSE at Mgarr Pirmary and Mr Saviour Tabone, Assistant Head at San Lawrenz Primary for organising such memorable, education, cultural and etwinning exchange 🙂

Capacity investigations

First- an explanation was done to help students remember how to convert l to ml and vice versa. An investigation was then carried out by myself using measuring containers and students were asked to observe the different questioning techniques.

Then, using measuring containers in groups, the students were given the opportunity to create their own investigation using liquids while emphasizing the concept of liters and milliliters. After creating their problems and using the necessary amounts of water in the containers, they went around and solved the investigations that the other groups had laid out for them in stations.

Submitted by Mr Matthew Cassar, Yr 6.1

Tick Tock! Tick Tock!

Learing about ‘Time’ using the CPA (concrete, practical, abstract) approach. Clocks from the Maths Class Toolbox were used as a tangible resource to help students understand the 24 hour clock better. A tablet game with pictures of clocks on it was then used as a consolidation of the previous explanation. A memory game was carried out in groups where students were asked to match the 24 hour clock time with the 12 hour clock time.
Submitted by Mr Matthew Cassar, Yr 6.1 Class Teacher

Maths Clocks and Right Angles

Students enjoyed a Maths game. Flashcards of numbers from 1 to 12 were placed in the middle of the classroom to represent the clock. The students acted as the clock hand and were given instructions by the others to face a number.

They were then given instructions with right angles or degrees to turn either clockwise or anticlockwise (e.g. Turn 120° or 1 2/3 right angles) and if they faced the correct number, their group was awarded points.

This game helped a lot since the students themselves became an involved part of the activity and were put in the ‘middle’ of the lesson.

A Quizizz activity on the tablets was then carried after as a consolidation of the lesson.

Submitted by Mr Matthew Cassar, Yr 6.1 Class Teacher

eTwinning Activity at Ta’ Ħaġrat Temples

The Year 6.2 students are participating in an eTwinning project with students from San Lawrenz, Gozo. An activity was carried out with Ms Laura Schembri, the digital literacy support teacher this morning, at Ta Ħaġrat Temples.
The students used their tablets and QR codes to find clues and information about these temples. It was great fun and the children participated eagerly.
The children had already done some research about the site prior to the activity and were well-prepared 🙂
Submitted by Ms Sharon D’Amico, class teacher

Perimeter and Area Activity

Spaghetti and Meatballs for all- a mathematical story about optimizing area and perimeter…

The story is about The Comforts inviting 32 people for lunch. We see Mrs Comfort hiring 8 square tables to seat 4 at each table.  However, as the guests begin to arrive and they start putting the tables together so that they sit together, we see that although the area remains the same, the perimeter doesn’t!
We practiced the seating with square cut-cut-outs for a whole class activity and discussion. Later we used square bits of paper to recreate different ways of arranging the tables on our Maths Journal.  After that we progressed to draw different combinations of using the same area but different perimeter.
We also applied this to real life situations as seen in restaurants and big family gatherings.
Submitted by Ms Sharon D’Amico, Yr 6.2 Class Teacher