Adult & Child LIVE Online Sports Quiz

Participants will follow short clips in English related to traditional sports from around the world. This will be followed by a multiple-choice quiz that will be done individually per Adult and Child. Several rounds will be organized until the winners are declared.
Any student in Year 4, 5 and 6 with an adult.WILL PRIZES BE AWARDED?
Yes, fantastic prizes will be awarded to the top three participants.
You may register through link below by not later than Friday 7th May at noon.

Link will be sent after registration deadline is over.

Role-play in Year 6.1 – Mr Matthew Cassar

Year 6.1 – Mr Matthew Cassar
During our English writing activity, we learnt how to create our own play. Using drama, over six weeks, we created a wonderful project by bringing our own costumes, created our own props and wrote the dialogue. Creative writing with our positive and great teacher is so much fun and best of all – he helps us to grow into responsible persons.

Year 6 – FOOTBALL – SCDP Application Form 2021/22 & PARENTS’ Information Meeting

Dear Parents / Guardians
May I kindly remind you that the deadline to submit applications to schools is Tuesday 19th January 2021. Find attached the application
Information Sessions for Parents:
Friday 8th January 2021 – 9.30 am via MS Teams

Tuesday 12th January 2021 – 6 pm via MS Teams<

Further information may be obtained by sending an e-mail to 

New Maths WebQuests Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6

The MSTeam desgined new WebQuests recommended for Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6.

  • Maths and Mammals and More (recommended for students working at Year 4 level)
  • Animals in Extinction (recommended for students working at Year 5 level)
  • Pumpkins (recommended for students working at Year 6 level)

You can access the WebQuests through this link:

Year 6 Mr Leonard – eBooks

Reading ebooks has continued at a very satisfactory pace. Both Literacy Pro and Octavo are being used. During the Covid pandemic, it’s a very efficient and safe process too. Children are responding positively, working the Quiz after completing an ebook and send messages through the App too.

Year 6.1 – Online teaching and learning

Year 6.1 – The teacher, LSEs and students have continued to work hard. All sorts of online platforms were utilised (Teams, ilearn, YouTube, Word, PowerPoints, Quizizz and Kahoot) and when some particular students had specific queries, individual attention was given too. Correction tasks and feedback were always sent through the appropriate platforms. Reading ebooks through Literacy Pro reached excellent levels even when students were at home. Parents showed their appreciation too. This is the way online teaching and learning should be. Keep up the good work!