Student Council Elections

The student council elections were held on 30th November.  Following sessions held by the PSCD teachers, students who wished to contest the elections prepared their own billboards to convey the message to their fellow students about what they intended to do if elected. 

We would like to congratulate all the students who participated and also to the students who voted. 

These are the new members that form the student council:

Year 3.1  Matteo Camilleri
Year 3.2  Thea Sammut
Year 4.1  Clive Borg
Year 4.2  Jade Muscat
Year 5.1  David Abela
Year 5.2  Kelly Muscat
Year 6.1  Kristelle Muscat
Year 6.2  Zack Scerri

Elezzjonijiet tal-Kunsill tal-Istudenti

electionFis-26 ta’ Jannar saru l-elezzjonijiet għall-Kunsill tal-istudenti fl-iskola tagħna.  L-istudenti eletti huma dawn:

Yr 3.1  – Alessandro Vella, Yr 3.2 – Kyle Pulis, Yr 4.1 – Emma Buttigieg, Yr 4.2 – Sara Vella, Yr 5.1 – Milena Stagno, Yr 5.2 – Sarah Abela, Yr 6.1 – Gabriella Grima u Yr 6.2 – Joseph Muscat

Nirringrazzjaw lill-istudenti kollha li ħadu sehem fl-elezzjoni u nawguraw li dan il-kunsill jaħdem biex l-iskola tkun post aħjar.   Nirringrazzjaw l-għalliema tal-PCSD li ħadu hħieb dawn l-elezzjonijiet.

Student Council Elections…


Almost all nominees have presented their manifesto at school assemblies.  The election will take place next Tuesday where in the pupils will be voting for their fellow students who they would like to represent them in the school council.  Student council election reinforces the democratic voting process that the children will see when they grow up and nominees were given the chance to state reasons why they should be voted for.

Election Fever…

electionsThis week is election campaign week at our school.  Nominees for student council are being given the chance to present their manifesto through charts and write ups during morning assembly. The Student Council Election is being run by Ms Borg Vella, assistant head.

School Council Elections

School Council Elections were held on 23rd January 2015 across Malta and Gozo. This year the school had a very encouraging participation both for nominations and for votes.

Elections 2015

Six members of staff, and seven parents contested the elections. Moreover, 163 votes, out of the 210 issued (one per family) were returned to the school giving a 77.6% parent participation. Such a figure is very encouraging and reflects well on the parent participation at Mgarr Primary School.

The School Administration would like to thank all the members of staff and parents who contested the elections, and all those who voted. The school would also like to welcome the new members of the School Council, namely of Ms Rose Griscti (president), Ms Ferrante (secretary/treasurer), Ms Janice Vella Muscat, Ms Joanne Galea and Ms Marika Bezzina (teacher representatives), and Ms Angela Portelli, Ms Rose Schembri and Ms Janie Vassallo (parent representatives).

Votes were counted in the presence of the candidates who contested the elections. Special thanks goes to Ms Maria Borg Vella, assistant head, for helping out in the counting process and for the photography.