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Promoting a healthy lifestyle

The Kindergarten students of Ms Camille, together with their LSA, Ms Roseann, prepared a healthy pasta salad. They also thought of other children who are hospitalised by participating in the Dr. Klown awareness campaign.

Healthy Eating Session for Kindergarten Students

  A teacher from the Home Economics centre visit all Kinder 2 classes to emphasize, from an early age, the importance of fruits and vegetables in our diet and how they can help us lead a better life.   The students were actively involved in these sessions and our teachers gave good feedback on their outcome. […]

Healthy Eating…

Pupils were shown a video about healthy eating. Ms Joan put fruit and vegetables in a feely bag and tried to guess the kind of fruit and vegetable. The students enjoyed this element of surprise while learning about fruit and vegetables and the importance of the daily consumption of such food 🙂

Fruit-a-licious… Beebot Maths Activity…

The K1.5 students have been cooking a fruit-a-licious healthy breakfast cup which included strawberry yogurt, plain cereal and fresh strawberries. Apart from promoting a healthy lifestyle, the students had the opportunity to learn about different colours, textures and tastes, while enhancing their find motor skills. During a maths activity the students used the Bee-bot to […]