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Lego starters, tablets and lots of fun…

Photos taken today during an activity held by the digital literacy support teacher, Ms Laura Schembri, to promote creativity using Lego. The students used simple mind to plan their story. Then they did the actual building. To be continued…End product will be a comic script 🙂

Using Kahoot and Tablets… Fun Quiz Galore!!!!

Students used their tablet to  play a quiz on Kahoot. This was done during a Social Studies lesson where children had questions about weather conditions. Students enjoyed it very much 🙂 Submitted by Ms Matthea, Yr 4.1 class teacher

Tablets workshop for Parents and Students

Following the successful introduction of the use of tablets in year 4 last year, another scholastic year kicked off with the distribution of tablets to the current year 4 students. Being an innovative way of teaching and learning, parents were invited to join their children for a hands-on workshop. Both parents and students worked together, […]

Quiz using tablets

During the revision for the Half-Yearly Exams the children used their tablets to play a quiz on Kahoot! They had fun while they revised for the exams. Submitted by Ms Angelique Attard, Yr 4.1

The Use of Tablets in Year 4

A meeting was held for parents of students in Year 4 regarding the use of tablets. The session was delivered by our eLearning Support Teacher, Ms Laura Schembri. The aim of this session was to inform parents about how tablets are used as a tool to enhance teaching and learning. It also provided parents with […]

Learning with tablets….

Since from this scholastic year tablets have been introduced in the daily teaching process, the year 4.2 class of Ms Mathea Vassallo used the tablet to work out Mental Maths questions and Religion questions in a form of a quiz. This also served as a revision session for the upcoming exams. Children enjoyed it very […]