Activity for CODE WEEK – Year 6.2

At SNC Mġarr Primary School, we are are working to have systematically creative, active and collaborative learners. In Year 6.2, this was achieved by getting the students to help each other to learn and play through the shared language of LEGO Story Starters. LEGO can be used to help join logic and reasoning with creativity, and provide children with the opportunity to build the things they see in the real world, experiment with their surroundings and get hands-on with their environment. LEGO play and learning sets are just the job for helping children learn more about the communities they live in.

Mr Matthew Cassar gave his students the opportunity to use Lego Story Starters to create an image of the story they were going to write about in their creative writing task. The Lego packs helped the students formulate their ideas better while building a word bank of adjectives related to their story at the same time. Teaching and learning is fun for our students.