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The Final Equestrian Session for Yr 5 at Sunflower Park

Closing a chapter in style. The Yr 5 students enjoyed chariot rides at Sunflower Park during their third and last equestrian session. During these session students learned how to take care of horses and ponies, how to feed them, keep them healthy and how to keep their stables clean.

Equestrian – 2nd session

The year 5 students had their second session in equestrian classes. Students helped out in cleaning stables. They also learnt about the importance of grooming horses and a good nutrition programme.

Equestrian Sessions for Our Students

The Year 5 students started a series of equestrian sessions at the Sunflower Park. Students had some time to get to know the lovely ponies and horses residing at this park. They also had great fun riding the ponies and horses. This was a great experience for the students. In fact one student told his […]