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Tribali Music Workshop and Wasteserv Malta

The students of St Nicholas College Mgarr Primary ended their second term with a valid music workshop animated by Peter Paul Galea from Tribali, a local music band. Students were asked to prepare musical instruments, namely shakers and bongos, using recycled material. During the workshop students were shown a video clip by Wasteserv Malta about […]

The Musical Band of the Armed Forces of Malta does it again…

The Band of the Armed Forces of Malta prepared a set of workshops for our students with them aim of instilling a love for classical music through various instruments that make up the orchestra.  The Kindergarten and Year 1 students had a story telling session based on a story written by Trevor Zahra and animated […]

Number lines and music…

Kindergarten students made their own bongos. These were used to learn counting while banging on their bongos and creating music. Students enjoyed using the number line to sort numbers according to value. Submitted by Ms Janice Vella, Kinder 2.2

Music Workshop by Local Band – Tribali

Last Friday Ms Borg Vella, assistant head, organised a music workshop for the students in liaison with a Local Band – Tribali. Peter Paul met our request and performed a number of hands-on work shops for the primary students. Students were asked to prepare homemade instruments, namely a bongo or shaker, using recycled material. Students […]