Equestrian Sessions for Our Students

The Year 5 students started a series of equestrian sessions at the Sunflower Park. Students had some time to get to know the lovely ponies and horses residing at this park. They also had great fun riding the ponies and horses. This was a great experience for the students. In fact one student told his […]

Festive Season E-Safety Event

An internet e-safety event was organised for the Year 5 and Yr 6 students by the healthy and safety teacher, Ms Jacqueline Abela and the digital literacy support teacher, Ms Laura Schembri. Students used their laptops to scan QR codes which were displayed in the school hall. Every code was linked to a safety measure […]

Enhancing Thinking Skills Through Maths

The Maths lesson was about adding and subtracting decimals. The students were split into 4 groups and they had to work in stations.  After 15 minutes each group changed station. Station 1: The students were given a set of cards to create numbers with. They were then to add or subtract the numbers (according to […]

Literacy Activity involving listening to instructions to make a toast and hot chocolate…

The students were also involved in watching a short video clip about the origin of chocolate and answering questions about it thus enhancing their listening and comprehension skills. Finally they proceeded to write instructions for making hot chocolate (in English) and toast (in Maltese) using the correct step-by-step way of doing so. While working on […]

Valletta Fieldwork

An insightful Fieldwork in Valletta, where we saw at firsthand the heritage left to us by the knights. The Christmas decorations were a bonus! Submitted by Ms Sharon D’Amico, Yr 6.2 Class Teacher

Maths Investigation

Adding,  multiplying, rounding…using real-life leaflets found at supermarket. Yep, we figured them out, using our own strategies, including trial and error 😊 Most importantly,  we discussed and worked together! Submitted by Ms Sharon D’Amico, Yr 6.2

Prayer Spaces

Prayers spaces organised for our students by Ms Borg Vella, assistant head. 

Special Assembly promoting Self-Esteem

The Year 6.2 students of Ms Sharon D’Amico, prepared a special assembly about self-esteem. Students build their self-esteem by believing in themselves and by helping out one another.

Special Assembly – Friendship

As the first special assembly for this scholastic year kicks in, Year 6.1 student talked about friendship and that no matter what race, nationality or religion is followed we are all friends. Special thanks to Mr Matthew Cassar, class teacher for preparing his students.

Dedicated to the recital of the Rosary

18th October is a world-wide celebration dedicated to the rosary. Schools from all over the world say the rosary on that day. Our school participated in this initiative. Ms Rodgers, Assistant Head, told the students the story of the rosary during assembly.  Then students recited one section of the rosary. Ms Sharon D’Amico, Yr 6.2, […]