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Banana Oats Cookies for Mother’s Day

The classes of Ms Janice Vella and Ms Felicia Borg joined forces to prepare some healthy and delicious cookies for Mother’s Day.  

Oats, Bananas and Honey Cookies…

The Kindergarten student of Ms Joanne prepared a very healthy snack made of oats, mashed bananas and honey. These cookies were baked in the oven for a couple of minutes. Apart from preparing a healthy, yet delicious, snack, the students had the opportunity to learn about textures, healthy food and to enhance their fine motor […]

Cereal Cookies…

The Kinder students of Ms Janice Vella and Ms Marija Spiteri have been busy preparing some delicious cereal cookies. The cookies were then presented in cup cakes. Such activities enhance the students’ fine motor skills, while learning food handling techniques 🙂