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Healthy Pizza Wrap

This week the children prepared a healthy snack using wraps. Students got a variety of ingredients. They discussed the importance of avoiding the consumption of processed food on a daily basis and discussed alternative ways for making a pizza topping healthier. Children were asked to follow the instructions carefully. After preparing the ingredients, they placed […]

Cooking healthy snacks…

The Yr 1.1 students of Ms Louise Cutajar have been cooking some healthy snacks. First they cooked pizza in a bun and they chose their own preferred toppings. Then they prepared a healthy fruit salad to complete their lunch.  

Oats, Bananas and Honey Cookies…

The Kindergarten student of Ms Joanne prepared a very healthy snack made of oats, mashed bananas and honey. These cookies were baked in the oven for a couple of minutes. Apart from preparing a healthy, yet delicious, snack, the students had the opportunity to learn about textures, healthy food and to enhance their fine motor […]

A healthy snack

The kindergarten students have been busy learning about healthy eating. During one of their activities the students prepared their own healthy snack – mashed potatoes – which are rich in starch and calcium (derived from the milk) 🙂

Promoting Healthy Eating Habits

Promoting a healthy lifestyle is of great relevance in today’s society. Children tend to spend long hours seated, either doing homework, playing on the computer or with a tablet, watching TV, etc. Thus promoting an active lifestyle and healthy eating habits are promoted at our school from a very early age.

A healthy drink…

The Kindergarten students of Ms Marija Spiteri, prepared a very healthy drink by squeezing some oranges. These activities not only enhance the healthy eating and living policies, but lend themselves perfectly for students to learn colours, shapes, enhance their fine motor skills, and more. The students enjoyed their refreshing drink 🙂

Healthy Breakfast

The Kindergarten students of Ms Joanne Galea and Ms Janice Vella prepared a very healthy breakfast. The students had the opportunity to prepare toast using brown bread, lettuce leaves, cherry tomatoes, ham, cheese and carrots. Moreover, the toast was presented in the shape of a butterfly. Such activities lend themselves perfectly to enhance the students’ […]

Healthy Breakfast

Kinder 1.2 and Kinder 1.3 joined forces to learn about healthy eating habits and the importance of starting the day with a healthy breakfast. After exploring which foods and drinks are needed to prepare a healthy breakfast, the students made their own breakfast and enjoyed eating this breafast with the classmates. Ms Joanne Galea and Ms Josianne Camilleri […]