Sponge printing


During this week’s crafts lesson, the yr 3.1 students of Ms Sharon made an elephant out of a paper plate. We used a sponge to dab paint on the paper plate. This created a lovely pattern and textured effect. We used the parts we cut from the paper plate to make the elephant’s trunk and eyes. But most of all students made this craft from recycled material 🙂



Dog puppets

During another mid-week session the year 3 students of Ms Rosette prepared dog puppets.

Dog (4)Dog (6)Dog (7)

These puppets were made of recycled material. The students put in their own touch of creativity to create different dogs, all decorated to their tastes.

Dog (9)Dog (10)Dog (12)

Well done for the hard work and keep up the good work 😉

Crafts related to Autum

During the mid week session, children have the time to prepare crafts related to the themes or topics being dealt with during that period of the year.

Autumn (4)Autumn (7)Autumn (8)

In the above photos we can see year 3 students of Ms Rosette doing a collage with leaves which have fallen from trees. Apart from doing crafts, the students learnt that during autumn many trees shed their leaves.

Another important lesson learnt is that one should never cut leaves from trees. All leaves used in this craft session were picked from the school garden which had fallen from trees.