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Five Senses

Five senses stations were set up in class.  Children had to guess what the objects were by using their senses.  They used their sense of touch by touching the different objects, one at a time, found in a plastic tray.  Their eyes were covered again, with a piece of cloth, and students had to guess what […]

Exploring the five senses…

The kindergarten students of Ms Janice, have been learning about the five senses. During one of the session, the students were blind folded. Students had to guess what was being given to them by making use of the sense of touch, taste or smell.  

The five senses…

The Kinder 1 students of Ms Joanne, have been exploring the five senses. To help in the students learn more about sight, the students were asked to wear glasses with different coloured lenses. This made them aware of how our eye sight works. To explore the sense of touch, students listened to a story animated […]