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Revising Letters & Writing Words

After learning a number of English letter names and sounds, children were told that we will be using different means of writing. After going outside in the yard, they were given a piece of chalk each and asked to write different letters which they learnt. Later on, they were asked to write words using the […]

Ktieb is-Sħarijiet

The children in Year 4.1 read a story on Senduq Buffuri ‘Il-Ktieb tas-sħarijiet’ and after they created a book during the craft lesson. Submitted by Ms Angelique Attard, Yr 4.1

Twinning project with Dingli Primary

The school has embarked on a Writing Twinning Project with the students of St Nicholas Dingli Primary. Ms Elizabeth Galea, Head of School at Dingli Primary, came up with the idea of having the year 4, 5 and 6 students of both Dingli and Mgarr Primary sending invitations or other writing tasks to each other. […]

Creative Writing sessions

The above photos were taken during an English creative writing lesson held with the Yr 6.1 students of Mr Cassar. The children had to create a story using Direct Speech. Before te actual writing task, the students were given an activity where they were asked to match different cards containing words and punctuation that, when […]

Creative Writing…

The Year 4.2 students of Ms Claudine during a creative writing task. The students where asked to draw a picture to help them describe their friend. After a brainstorming session the students came up with phrases and adjectives to elaborate their writing. Finally they were free to write their own descriptions.