Special Assemblies

Morning assemblies are an important part of the daily schedule in every educational institution. This gives the students, teachers and senior management team time to communicate, pray and learn together. Every class will be preparing special assemblies throughout the scholastic year.

Diversity (2)Diversity (4)

Diversity (1)

So far we had three special assemblies. The first one was prepared by Ms Borg and her year 6.1 students. During this assembly the students spoke to us about the importance of diversity. Each and every one of us has special qualities and talents, irrespective of their background.

Zumba (2)Zumba (1)Inclusion (1)

Another assembly was prepared by the year 5.2 class of Ms Micallef. Her students role played  a situation where one of the students was not allowed to play football with his team mates. Through this experience students were made aware of the injustice of bullying.

The year 4.2 class of Ms Said prepared a very active special assembly. All students were invited to dance the morning away through zumba, after being given a brief history of the origins of this dance.

Well done to all 😉

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