Happy Easter… End of Term Fun Activities

The Year 2.1 students of Ms Stephanie Azzopardi have been busy working during the 2nd term. Above students proudly present their Easter craft. 

Students can be seen having fun during various lessons… Learning plurals and words starting with letters having similar sounds in Maltese (‘p’ and ‘b’); Learning the correct use of the verb ‘has’ or ‘have’; Making 10 (using numicons, the bee-bot, dominoes and matching numbers on fish), together with making 6 using bears and matching numbers and investigating how many letters there are in each month of the year during a maths lesson.

The students prepared a model representing the migration of birds from cold countries to warmer countries. This is an activity related to Dinja Waħda, called ‘Out of Africa’. Students also prepared a special assembly about manners. Below is a short message sending Easter blessings to all.

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