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Happy Easter… End of Term Fun Activities

The Year 2.1 students of Ms Stephanie Azzopardi have been busy working during the 2nd term. Above students proudly present their Easter craft.  Students can be seen having fun during various lessons… Learning plurals and words starting with letters having similar sounds in Maltese (‘p’ and ‘b’); Learning the correct use of the verb ‘has’ […]

Easter Tradition – Figolli

The Kindergarten students of Ms Joanne and Ms Josianne cooked some Figolli in preparation for Easter. Figolli are a local tradition of a sweet prepared for Easter. The dough is made of eggs, flour and ground almonds. After cooking the dough the students decorated them with chocolate and some coloured sprinkles.

Easter Figolli

The Kinder 1 students of Ms Joanne Galea, Ms Josianne Camilleri and Ms Sarah Ann Bonello have been busy preparing the traditional Figolli in a run up for the Easter festivities. The students enjoyed themselves while enhancing their fine motor skills during this cooking activity.

Easter Greetings

Greetings from all the staff at Mgarr Primary. Happy Easter 🙂