Coding + Music

Year 2 students with the help of Ms Chantelle Camilleri, our Music Teacher investigated how code can be used to create and enhance music.This was done by generating beat patterns and musical sequences with visualisations.

Unplugged Activities

Ms Rebecca Bonello, our PE teacher, used a collection of free teaching material to teach Computer Science through engaging games and puzzles. Cards with numbers and commands were used. #physicaleducationthroughcoding

Erasmus Activity: Outdoors at the back yard of school.

Title: In conjunction with the Emergent Curriculum topic – Dogs done in class.  (Hiding flashcards and soft toys in soil)

Cross-Curricular Activities in Year 6.2

Mr Matthew Cassar used Crafts combined with Maths. In the first lesson, students had to create a Factor House where the factors of a given number were represented as windows while the multiple was drawn on the roof. This activity helps the students remember better what Factors are and give better examples. Another activity about […]

Year 5.1 – Coding with Scratch Jr

Year 5.1 – Students worked in groups to discuss story and plan. On the provided storyboard they drew the main events of their story. Then, they used Scratch Jr on their tablets to build and code their own scenarios. This helped them visualise their story, making it easier for them to write it. Finally, they […]

Activity for CODE WEEK – Year 6.2

At SNC Mġarr Primary School, we are are working to have systematically creative, active and collaborative learners. In Year 6.2, this was achieved by getting the students to help each other to learn and play through the shared language of LEGO Story Starters. LEGO can be used to help join logic and reasoning with creativity, […]

Playcon Outing

Our Year 5 and Year 6 students attended Playcon Expo. They participated in the following workshops by the Digital Literacy Team: Cody Colour, Scratch Jr, Unplugged and Minecraft: Education Edition.


Our Green Club students giving a helping hand during a clean up within the school garden 🙂