Category: Year 4

Maths Trail at San Anton Gardens

The year 4 classes went for a Maths trail at San Anton garden. Students had fun doing Maths concepts outside the classroom. Students were encouraged and motivated to investigate problem-solving situations. They also had the opportunity to discover Maths application in the real world. Due to the fact that students were very well behaved they […]

Lego starters, tablets and lots of fun…

Photos taken today during an activity held by the digital literacy support teacher, Ms Laura Schembri, to promote creativity using Lego. The students used simple mind to plan their story. Then they did the actual building. To be continued…End product will be a comic script 🙂

Turtle release at Ġnejna Bay

The year 4 students had the experience of a life time watching the release of turtles which were being taken care of by Nature Trust during rehabilitation. An anti-plastic campaign followed the turtle release. Students were engaged in fieldwork including filtering sand to find plastic particles. The school would like to thank the Mayor, Mr […]

Fieldwork at Mġarr

For their Social Studies Fieldwork both Year 4 classes went around Mġarr and observed different areas while answering questions on their fieldwork booklet. Both students and teachers enjoyed it to the full 😊 Submitted by Ms Mathea Vassallo, Yr 4.1 Teacher


Students have learnt about halves, quarters, thirds and eights. After sharing the learning outcomes and the success criteria, students had a presentation where they had to identify which shapes are divided into equal parts, and the fraction of each part being shaded. During group work the students had to divide their shapes into equal parts and […]

Our Favourite Things…

Students were given the opportunity to share some information with the class about something they like or love and to share information about their favourite book. Some students prepared a presentation while others made posters and charts. I really enjoyed listening to each and every one of you! Well done! Submitted by Ms Mathea Vassallo, Yr […]

Using Kahoot and Tablets… Fun Quiz Galore!!!!

Students used their tablet to  play a quiz on Kahoot. This was done during a Social Studies lesson where children had questions about weather conditions. Students enjoyed it very much 🙂 Submitted by Ms Matthea, Yr 4.1 class teacher

Flat shapes…

Today’s Math lesson was about flat shapes and their properties. First students had a presentation where they had to try and guess the name of the hidden flat shape. Then students had time to discuss the properties of the various shapes. Finally they had the opportunity to engage in hands-on experience using geoboards to construct and investigate […]

World Book Day Comptetion

The Year 4 students participated in a competition held during World Book Day by the National Literacy Agency. The students were awarded two books each following their in-class presentations about books they read. The students also prepared costumes to impersonate their favourite character from the book they read. Well done students 🙂

Building a Fan using Lego WeDo

The Yr 4.1 students created their own LEGO fans which had to be programmed using Lego Wedo. This session was organised by the class teacher, Ms Angelique Attard with the support of the Digital Literacy Teacher.With the help of the Digital Literacy Support teacher Ms Laura Schembri, the children built a duck by using 6 […]