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Walking Water & Mixing Colours

We started the experiment by filling up 4 clear cups with coloured food colour (Red, yellow, blue and another one with red) and put them about 4 inches apart. Then we put another 3 clear empty cups in between. We grabbed 6 strips of paper towels and placed one end of the each paper towel […]

Learning about colours

The Kinder 1.4 students of Ms Lucienne Vella, have had a very busy first term at school learning about colours. The Kindergarten assistant introduced the topic by the much loved rainbow. Gradually students learnt about red, green, yellow and blue. As a final activity students learnt about what happens to colours when mixed using marble […]

Art: Shapes, paint brush control & Colours

The Yr 1.2 students of Ms Marilyn were exploring colours by using paint and paintbrushes. This lesson was linked to Maths Shapes. Students were asked to create squares and rectangles using various colours.    

Kindergarten students at work…

The K1.1 students of Ms Joanne have been learning about colours in the past weeks. Above students are cutting small squares of various colours and then mounting them to form a collage. Below students are painting papers plates in blue. Not only are students learning about colours by they are enhancing their fine motor skills […]

Observing Rainbow Colours

After talking about the rainbow and its colours, the year 1.2 students of Ms Marilyn Bugeja were engaged in creating soap bubbles. Following this activity, the students were asked to observe the different colours in each bubble. The children enjoyed creating soap bubbles but were very happy when the sun came out and they could […]