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Money: Shopping and Problem Solving

After learning about money, recognising coins, adding and subtracting money and learning about change, the year 3.1 students turned their classroom into a shop. This gave them the opportunity to practice what they learned in a fun way. They discussed what they wanted to buy in a group setting, agreed upon a budget, ‘went shopping’ […]

Visit at the Grocer

K1.3 pupils of Ms Nagaat Bugeja were taken to the greengrocer shop next to the school to practice numeracy skills.  They followed a simple and short shopping list to make a purchase whilst practising number recognition and value. Pupils enjoyed making fruit kebabs with the purchased fruit. Submitted by Ms Borg Vella, Assistant Head

Maths Shopping Activity

The Year 3.2 students of Ms Stephanie went for a Maths shopping activity in the locality of  Mgarr. During this activity the children had the opportunity to experience, first-hand, shopping groceries for a recipe they had to prepare at school. The children went to a grocery and to the bakery to buy ingredients for a […]

Maths with a difference…

On 17th January 2014 the year 3.1 students of Ms Rosette and the year 3.2 students of Ms Rodianne had a hands on maths lesson. This lesson was co-ordinated and organised by the Maths support teacher, Ms Joan Vella. The students had to make their on healthy sandwich. However they had to prepare their shopping […]