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Novena Day 3

The Year 2.2 students of Ms Beverly prepared the Special Assembly for the third day of the Novena. The focus was on the donkey, which although is considered to be a very simple animal, always played an important role in the major events while Jesus Christ was on earth.

Novena run up towards Christmas

The students are preparing for the Christmas celebrations. Every day a different class prepares a special assembly as a run towards the celebration of the birth of Baby Jesus. Above are the Yr 3.1 students and below the Yr 3.2 students who kicked off this year’s Novena.


The year 5.1 students of Dr Micallef prepared the last day for the school Novena. The students prepared a short play to retell the story of the nativity. The students sang some Christmas carols. Well done to all 🙂

Novena for Kindergarten students

Illum ġiet fi tmiemha n-novena li ġiet organizzata għat-tfal tal-Kinder kollha.  Għal tlett ijiem it-tfal inġabru fis-sala u tkellimna magħhom dwar Marija, Ġużeppi u l-Bambin.  Tkellimna dwar it-twelid ta’ Ġesu u dwar it-trobbija tiegħu.  L-akbar tfal tal-Kinder irreċtaw ukoll xi sitwazzjonijiet li tkellimna fuqhom fosthom it-twelid tal-Bambin u l-ħarba mill-Eġittu tas-Sagra Familja.  Fl-aħħar tan-novena t-tfal […]

It’s that time of the year again…

December – an important month for us Christians… It reminds of the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. During this month we remember the hardships Mary and Joseph had to face and the poor circumstances in which the Lord chose to be born. It is a time of reflection about the important things in life […]