A learning experience for Yr 2.1

The Yr 2.1 students of  Ms Stephanie Azzopardi have embarked on an eTwinning Protject. In the above photos the students shared their experience with their partners from Greece by showing them how they learn shapes with the help of techonology using a Beebot. In this joint partnership both partners are using Beebot in teaching and learning.

Students learn counting in 2s and 3s using interlocking cubes, numbers, bee-bot and colourful pins to create a pattern using the Concrete, Practical, Abstract Approach.

Bark rubbing fieldwork held in Buskett  during the School Marathon Walk.

Capacity – measuring large bottles, a tin and a jug.During this session students used vocabulary to label: full, empty, nearly full, nearly empty, half full and half empty in a very practical and hands-on manner.Clocks – matching activity, use chalk to create your own clock! Students enjoyed this outdoor session in the school yard using hula hoops and chalk to create their own clocks.

During a visit at the Inquisitor’s Place in Birgu, the students enjoyed a Story telling andcooking session during which they prepared the typical pastini tar-raħal.

Students enjoying Sports Day organised by the PE teachers and the Sports Promotion Unit.

Submitted by Ms Stephanie Azzopardi, Yr 2.1

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