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A learning experience for Yr 2.1

The Yr 2.1 students of  Ms Stephanie Azzopardi have embarked on an eTwinning Protject. In the above photos the students shared their experience with their partners from Greece by showing them how they learn shapes with the help of techonology using a Beebot. In this joint partnership both partners are using Beebot in teaching and […]

Sports Day

The children in the Year 4.1 really enjoyed themselves during Sports Day, which was organised by the school and held at Ħal Kirkop Sports Complex. They had time to play in various stations to tackle different areas of sports. Submitted by  Ms Angelique Attard, Yr 4.1

Sports Day at Kirkop for Primary Students

Sports Day was organised for all primary students by the Sports Promotion Unit and the PE teachers, Ms Rebecca Bonello and Ms Chanel Micallef Cassar. Students enjoyed a variety of events together with a shot a gymnastics. This event was truly well organised and children enjoyed every minute.Special thanks goes to Mr Joseph Tanti, from […]

Sports Day for Kindergarten Students

A sports day for Kindergarten students was held at Ta’ Qali Basketball Pavilion. The sports day was organised by the Physical Education teachers, Ms Rebecca Bonello and Ms Chanel Micallef Cassar together with the Sports Promotion Unit. Parents were invited for the event.

Sports Day on the Feast of St Martin for all…

The school celebrated the Feast of St Martin. The Parish Priest visited our school and blessed all St Martin’s Bags. Gradually all students proceeded to the school yard for the sports games. Ms Rebecca Bonello and Ms Chanel Micallef organised this event. All students participated and were assisted by the class teachers. The day ended […]