Category: Year 6

Special Assembly by Year 6 Students

The Yr 6.2 students of Ms Raisa animated the school’ special assembly by kick starting the day with a dance, while promoting the importance of daily physical exercise.  

Maths… Exploring factors

The Yr 6.2 students of Mr Matthew during a Maths activity, where they were asked to create a Factor House. The number was placed at the top of the house (on the roof), and the factors of this number were the windows of the house. Factors that when multiplied gave the given number, were placed next […]

Lego Story Starters

The Yr 6.1 students of Ms Raisa can be seen building various scenarios using LEGO blocks. These packs serve as story starters. The students create their own scenes based upon a prompt by the teacher. Once these scenes are built, the students write their own story. 

Special Assembly

The Yr 6.2 students of Mr Matthew Cassar kicked off the day with a special assembly. The students prepared a dance and gave a great performance to all students. Finally they asked some of the younger students to go on stage and join them.  

Air and Gravity experiment

The children were asked to come up with an experiment related to air resistance, where the aim of the activity was to observe whether an object would fall immediately or take time to fall. The reason behind this is that the force of gravity acts an extra force that maintains the fall. Submitted by Mr […]

Science Special Assembly

The year 6.1 students of Mr Cassar prepared an interesting special assembly about the lunar faces and what makes the moon shine. The students had previously done an experiment in class to understand better why the moon is not always seen as a full moon.

Dinja Waħda…

The year 6.2 students during one of the activities related to Dinja Waħda projects. Apart from working together in small groups, students learn to appreciate the importance of taking care of the earth and all the creatures that live in the wild life.

Maths – Science Day…

A Maths-Science Day was organised at school with the aim of giving parents a first hand experience of teaching and learning at our school. This was an opportunity for parents and students to work together in a number of workshops. Above are the K1.1 students of Ms Joanne who had an interesting session about space. […]

Creative Writing sessions

The above photos were taken during an English creative writing lesson held with the Yr 6.1 students of Mr Cassar. The children had to create a story using Direct Speech. Before te actual writing task, the students were given an activity where they were asked to match different cards containing words and punctuation that, when […]

Luxol Grounds

The school promotes a healthy lifestye thus the year 6 students visited the Luxol football ground for an intensive training session. During break time the children had the opportunity to use the facilities at the Luxol Stadium, where a small playground was also available for the students to play in. It is evident that the […]