A Day at Buskett Gardens

After lunch the children were asked to make friend s with a tree by hugging it. They observed how high or low trees are and monitored what`s under the tree i.e. exposed roots, fallen leaves, grass, twigs, stones, pine cones, insects (worms, ants and spiders). They also spotted glue oozing out from the tree trunk and a spider web near it.

Some boys climbed up on tree trunks and balanced on a tree log. Others worked together to lift a long narrow tree log…. What a day!Submitted by Ms Lucienne Vella, Kindergarten Educator

Fieldwork at Buskett

The Kindergarten students went to Buskett for fieldwork related to Dinja Waħda activities. During their stay in this woods, the students participated in various projects.

Students were asked to collect as many conifers as possible. The conifers were later sorted according to size being small, medium or large. 

These conifers were used to create basic shapes including the circle, triangle, rectangle and square. Students were also asked to collect twigs. All conifers and twigs were used to make a tree collage.
Another activity consisted of bark rubbing while learning about smooth and rough surfaces. Finally students made a collage of the words Dinja Waħda using the twigs collected earlier on.