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Science Experiments…

During a Science lesson the yr 5.2 students of Ms Ssaron Calleja talked about the scientific process and how experiments should be conducted. The students carried out an experiment with a glass of water, some salt and an egg. First the children were asked to predict what would happen to the egg if was to […]

The Skeleton…

Educating our children about the anatomy of the human body is important. Children should learn, from an early stage, how the body functions and what is needed to keep our body healthy. During one of their lessons, Ms Marilyn of year 1.1 helped the students become aware of some of the major bones in our […]

Science and Technolgy Project Yr 5 and Yr 6

The year 5 and year 6 students have been busy during the past science lessons. The students were given a task to build  a crane which could raise and lower a load. The load had to be raised or lowered by 50 cm. The students were not allowed to use metal objects (except for the […]

Science and Technology project Year 4

Ms Charmaine Mifsud, our Science teacher, together with the year 4 class teachers Ms Kylie, Ms Angelique and the students embarked on science and technology projects. Students were asked to create their own shopping bags. Students were allowed to make use of recycled material, cereal boxes, cardboard, wrapping paper, string, ribbon, etc. However, it was up to the […]