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Making sausage roll mummies

For Halloween the year 3.2 students cooked sausage roll mummies. They cut the dough into strips and turned these strips around sausages. Once cooked, the students used ketchup to make the mummies’ eyes. Finally, they enjoyed eating their creations! Submitted by Ms Sharon Calleja, Class Teacher Yr 3.2 

Baking biscuits…

The students of Ms Josianne, in K1.1, prepared some delicious biscuits. Through such activities students enhance their fine motor skills while learning about texture and hygiene when preparing food. Well done to these young chefs 🙂

Chefs at work…

The Year 3.2 students of Ms Sharon Calleja cooked some delicious pizzas. During this activity students learnt about basic hygiene skills required when cooking, while enjoying preparing the dough for pizza and choosing their favourite toppings.

Cooking Pasta at a very Early Age

  The Kinder 1.3 students of Ms Camille cooked some pasta with cheese. After preparing their snack, the students enjoyed eating together. During such sessions students learn about texture, types of food and table manners.

Christmas Logs

To get into the Christmas Spirit, as a class, we prepared some tasty Christmas Logs. Not only was this fun for the students in preparation for Christmas, but eventually this activity will be linked to recipe writing 🙂 Submitted by Mr Matthew Cassar, Yr 6.2 teacher

Cooking healthy snacks…

The Yr 1.1 students of Ms Louise Cutajar have been cooking some healthy snacks. First they cooked pizza in a bun and they chose their own preferred toppings. Then they prepared a healthy fruit salad to complete their lunch.  

Little chefs…

The kindergarten students are always keeping themselves very busy. We have many young chefs in the making. Above students can be seen preparing cup cakes.  

Young chefs at work

The Kindergarten students of Ms Josianne and Ms Joanne prepared a delicious desert. First the students had to crush biscuits which were placed in cups. Then they added a layer of condensed milk and some chopped bananas. Pistacchio mousse served as a topping.

Pizza in the making…

The K1.1 student of Ms Joanne and the K1.2 students of Ms Josianne prepared a delicious pizza. During such cookery lessons children learn about colours, textures and flavours, while at the same time enhancing their find motor skills… And who knows… maybe we have some future chefs among these little kids 🙂

Learning through play

The K2.1 students of Ms Nagaat have been busy during the past weeks. In the photos children can be seen learning through play, cooking pizza, sorting and painting,