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Carnival Comptetion

The year 2.1 students of Ms Janice Vella Muscat prepared a special assembly for their schoolmates. The students sang and animated the song “Heal the World” by Michael Jackson. This song has also been sung in front of a group of elderly people during an event organised by LEAP. Following the assembly, a number of […]

World Book Day

This week we are celebrating Library Week, and today, 9th April 2014, happened to be World Book Day. Reading is an essential part of every individual’s personal development. To kick start the day, our year 2.1 students prepared a special assembly commemorating world book day. During the assembly the students explained the different genres of […]

Commonwealth Day

10th March marked the celebration of Commonwealth day. To date there are 53 countries forming part of Commonwealth. Members states of Commonwealth aim for “the development of free and democratic societies and the promotion of peace and prosperity to improve the lives of all peoples of the Commonwealth.” The year 4.1 students of Ms Angelique […]

Special Assembly by Year 2.2

The year 2.2 students prepared a special assembly for our morning prayer. Ms Stephanie prepared a song for her students which talks about the “King of the Jungle”. The aim of the song is to worship God for having created all these lovely creatures which made our world more beautiful than ever. The students sang […]

Special Assemblies

Every week a different class is to prepare a special assembly which is held in the school hall. The Year 4.1 students of Ms Angelique prepared a special assembly about Diversity using the metaphor of us being like a box of crayons. Each colour is wonderful in its own way and together the colours give […]

Special Assemblies

Morning assemblies are an important part of the daily schedule in every educational institution. This gives the students, teachers and senior management team time to communicate, pray and learn together. Every class will be preparing special assemblies throughout the scholastic year. So far we had three special assemblies. The first one was prepared by Ms […]