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Wrold Book Day Celebration

The school hosted the World Book Day Award Ceremony. The Year 2 students prepared short play adapted from the book “Lupu Lpettu ma jħobbx jaqra”. The students and teachers were all given a book as a token for their efforts by the National Literacy Agency.

World Book Day – Modifying a Story

The teacher animated the story Stone Soup .  Students also enjoyed animating parts of the story.  Then, the class discussed the story elements.  Afterwards, students were given a template of a plan with pictures and they wrote the characters, the setting of the story etc… Another plan was given,  this time they had the question words or phrases […]

World Book Day Comptetion

The Year 4 students participated in a competition held during World Book Day by the National Literacy Agency. The students were awarded two books each following their in-class presentations about books they read. The students also prepared costumes to impersonate their favourite character from the book they read. Well done students 🙂

World Book Day

All class joined forced on World Book Day to celebrate the importance of books and to instill a love for reading. Teachers prepared a number of activities inspired by various books. Handa’s Surprise offered the students as taste of Africa and fruit that grows in this continent. Goldilocks and the Three Bears helped kindergarten students to […]

World Book Day

This week we are celebrating Library Week, and today, 9th April 2014, happened to be World Book Day. Reading is an essential part of every individual’s personal development. To kick start the day, our year 2.1 students prepared a special assembly commemorating world book day. During the assembly the students explained the different genres of […]