Category: Year 4

Dogs Trusts Class Visits

At Dogs Trust’s teachers have a passion for animal welfare and a natural tendency to educate others about animal welfare. Today, 19th November 2013, our students from year 1 to year 6 had a fun, exciting and educational workshop to help them to learn more about caring for dogs, responsible dog ownership and how to stay safe around dogs. The […]

Fostering Entrepreneurship Through Education

“Entrepreneurship is an engine of job creation, innovation and economic growth.” Our school has participated on a college based project, which is partly funded by the EU, to enhance our students’ entrepreneurship skills. These sessions helped to enhance personal qualities and values, interpersonal skills, cognitive skills and practical skills, which students will need later on […]

Special Assemblies

Morning assemblies are an important part of the daily schedule in every educational institution. This gives the students, teachers and senior management team time to communicate, pray and learn together. Every class will be preparing special assemblies throughout the scholastic year. So far we had three special assemblies. The first one was prepared by Ms […]

Skills Celebration Day (Jum iċ-Ċelebrazzjoni tal-Ħiliet) – 15/05/2013 – Year 4

Performance of The Pied Piper by Year 4 students: This story is about a Pied Piper who claimed that he was capable of solving a situation of rat infestation in a small village called Hamelin. The village mayor promised  to pay him a number of gold coins if he succeeds. The Pied Piper kept his […]

Digital Photography

Our Year 4 children have been busy with their cameras lately!  They took lots of pictures of Mgarr and its surroundings, and edited them with Google’s Picasa 3.